Starshot 560 is a small shoot 'em up game created for the TweetTweetJam 2 game jam for PICO8 games ( ).


  • [⬆️⬇️⬅️➡️] Move Ship
  • [🅾️ (Z)] Shoot


Being a tweet jam cart, the game is pretty simple. You're the green ship on the left, bad guys are the red, err, ships, on the right. Build up the highest score you can. Your hitbox is 1 pixel, so no excuses! :P It's possible to cheese since there's no AI, but it's slow and definitely not fun.

The game was created in an afternoon and uses all 560 available characters as per the jam rules. If you are a PICO8 owner, try the code out for yourself :)

Hope you like it, feedback welcomed.

Laxaloffle BBS Page:

Twitter post:

Install instructions

Best played in the browser or via the PICO8 cartridge.


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